Gallant Fox Beers For Your Face Hole

Cobra KaiPA


Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy! This brew packs a punch... and just when you think you can't handle more it sweeps the leg. Your crane technique is no match for the Cobra KaiPA.  

Coco-Nutty By Nature


You down with OPP? No? Well how about just being down with a sweet a$$ coconut stout? Now that's something always guaranteed to be gettin served up ... Can you feel it flow?

Shitter's Full


"You Serious Clark?" You're damn right we are! A Christmas Ale that will smack you in the face with hoilday cheer. We recommend a moose mug and a late night kidnapping to accompany this holiday brew.

Dirty Peach


Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected... just like this beer. She's a sexy little thing.  Sweet like a peach but just dirty enough that you won't wanna take her home to momma.  

Stormin Da Castle


Wait, you haven't tried this British ESB? Inconcievable! Throw in you're Sex Pistols cassette tape and crank up God Save the Queen as you enjoy this ode to foggy London town... we'll join you as soon as we're done stormin' da castle! 

Space Force IPA


Grab your laser blaster and moon boots and blast off with us to enjoy a beer that's fit for warfare in the final frontier.  It's time to enlist and Uncle Sam needs you... or this beer rather.  Trust us, it's gonna be YUGE! 

Aloho Smora


"Aloho-smora" is an enchanting spell that young wizards learn around the campfire at an early age to conjure up delicious treats.  No wands necessary to "unlock" this delicious smore stout.